Going for the Animate Girls Festival 2013!

So I’m now in Tokyo and I’d just bought my ticket to Animate Girls Festival which falls on the 2nd and 3rd November! The Animate Girls Festival is one of the biggest BL conventions in the world, with usually tons of exclusive merchandise that is not sold anywhere or anytime else from the event, much less out of Japan. I’ll also be heading off to this No.6 convention tomorrow. Let me know if anything strikes your fancy and I’ll try my best to get it for you!

Also erm… I’m a little out of the anime circle considering that I’ve been doing a lot of sociological research for a prof of mine and I’ve also been involved in a series of queer feminist activism. If there are any conventions or comic markets or any must-go events in Tokyo which I’d missed, please let me know and if the fandom or event is interesting to me, I’ll try to go for it!