Kuroshitsuji Live Action Movie Announced

Some news about this movie:

1.  Anime director Sato Keiichi who directed Tiger and Bunny, will co-direct the movie with Otani Kentaro, who’s also a well known director, especially of the live-movie adaptation of Nana.

2. The story has a new original storyline which takes place 130 years after the timeline within the manga.

3. Your black butler will be played by the iconic ikemen Mizushima Hiro:

He used to be a successful actor, then he became an award-winning fiction author and resigned from his company to focus on his writing. This role in Kuroshitsuji breaks a 3 year acting hiatus for him. Here’s a video of him speaking in surprisingly good English:

Source here.

Looks like a good anime adaptation. Kuroshitsuji isn’t something that requires terribly nuanced acting so I don’t see how bad this can go. I’m more concerned on the original storyline and whether it’ll be as intriguing as some other anime movies on the market: Tiger and Bunny 2nd Movie for instance.