Fudanshi Haven’s October Giveaway: Kuroko no Basuke’s doujinshi!

Free stuff!

So I’ve decided to start a free giveaway to reward many of my fans! This is going out to my tumblr fans (to the guys following me through wordpress, your time will come; don’t worry!). And to all my friends who spent countless hours engaging with me in critical analysis on this blog, I have my own way of thanking you personally as well! But for now, here’s the details for the giveaway:

Doujinshi Giveaway:

1. Glory Days by kuzumochi

2. Kimi to Kingyo by Diana/Assa


1. You must own a tumblr account.

2. You have to reblog for one entry and follow the official blog for one entry.

3. No giveaway blogs because I will check!

4. The winner will be generated by a random number generator.

5. I ship world-wide.

6. This contest will end by the 31 October 2013, 2359 (GMT + 8)

7. The results will be announced through PM. You have to reply to the PM within 24 hours or the prize will be forfeited to the next individual.

8. I reserve the right to amend any of the rules, add additional rules and to determine the winner.

9. Items will be shipped by 15 November 2013.




Guess what arrived in the mail? And yes, I’ll be starting on a Mini Yaoi Shop soon!


Special thanks to <a href=”http://fyeahsuzalulu.tumblr.com/”So this arrived to me in the middle of ethnographics lecture last week! This doujinshi is just as every much as well drawn and erotic as I expected.

As I will be going to Japan in the later part of the year, I’m thinking of how do I do better and serve the BL community to the best of my abilities. And I have decided to run a mini yaoi selling service; basically BL goods that Fudanshi Haven would personally recommend at almost no profit at all. You just need to pay for the transport fee, mailing fee and miscellaneous fees. 😀 Sounds good? I don’t do personal shopping for anyone at this moment unless you ask really nicely and it’s at my convenience but what I will be doing is to basically buy yaoi merchandise and doujinshi which I really believe in and which I really want to build up a base and demand for in other countries and also to please the fans from other countries who do not have access to Japan exclusive goods.

So are there anyone who’s interested in this doujinshi? 😀 I need a rough number so I can buy enough stock and distribute it when the time comes. XD

Here’s some preludes to what you’ll be getting: ^_^

Season 2 of Kuroko no Basuke confirmed!

So says JUMP Next! Winter magazine 2012. It’s pretty much confirmed and official; all the Japanese blogs and websites are going crazy over this. So fuck yeah, hello Akashi and Murasakibara!


Kuroko no Basuke Doujinshi: Loser~ Takao-kun and Midorima-kun were being XXX by the senpais

I usually don’t write about doujinshis due to the sheer amount of them within the market but this is an exception. I’m not sure whether I had mentioned this before, but most of the yaoi market are usually targeted at women and hence, typically represents women fantasies on romance, relationships, body types and male characterisation. Most yaoi doujinshi that I can get my hands on seem to represent these types of thematic concerns rather faithfully: an emphasis on relationship development rather than sex per se, slim slender bodies for guys and a greater focus on character vulnerability and emotional expressiveness even if (and usually is) it is OOC (Out of Character.),

Rarely had I been able to read a yaoi doujinshi which caters more towards the male market. This means including themes of immediate sexual gratification, a dismissal of emotional vulnerability in guys and greater sexual experimentation such as bondage and sado-masochism. I know that I am at the risk of making certain generalisations on the male and female market and I’m not denying that there are certain male and female individuals who have strong preferences outside of what is expected of their gender. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a particular dominant discourse, prevalent in deciding certain market trends in the types of doujinshi that would sell more towards a female market.

This doujinshi proves to be one of the outliers; I’m fascinated by how well the cum scenes and portrayals of Midorima and Takao (a bit weird in the title scene though) are:

I’m a shameless Midorima X Takao fan so I’m definitely purchasing this. XD It’s from the doujinshi circle: kuzumochi くずもち which is the name of a delectable type of mochi for your information. ^_^ I strongly encourage everyone who’s interested in this to make their purchase from here, since it’s less than what, 600 yen which is around 7USD? I also believe that if you’re really interested in having a stronger male presence in the doujinshi market, you need to support the circles that are producing them because the doujinshi market is highly competitive and needs strong backers and support to survive, Unfortunately, the company does not ship internationally so you have to either stay in Japan, or get the service of a carrier. If you need any help getting someone within Japan to ship it for you, I personally know of certain reliable carriers who are amazing at what they do, or heck if worst comes to worst, I can deliver it for you. Drop me an email if you need any help in purchasing it. 🙂

P.S Grammar rant: The original title of the doujinshi is LOSER~高尾君と緑間君が先輩達にXXXされちゃう話~ which is almost grammatically untranslatable in English. XXX means sex generally so I originally tried to translate it as: “Takao-kun and Midorima-kun were having sex by the senpais.” But this wrong because されちゃう is a combination of the される (passive form) and the ちゃう form. To translate it into the passive form is bad enough, remember:

Active voice: I ate the apple

Passive voice: The apple was eaten by me.

Active voice: The senpais were having sex with Takao-kun and Midorima-kun.

Passive voice: Takao-kun and Midorima-kun were being sexed by the senpais??? Sounds wrong. “Sex” as a verb cannot be expressed in the passive voice (but then I’m not good in grammar so if there’s anyone who can enlighten me please drop me a comment.)

Secondly, the ちゃう form which expresses regret, shame, disappointment cannot be translated simplistically into the sentence. If all the elements of the original sentence must be translated, it’ll be: “Takao-kun and Midorima-kun were being XXX by the senpais which caused them to feel shame and guilt” but no translator will ever do that. >.<

Kuroko No Basuke Threat: Terrorist Plans to Commit Suicide If Not Caught Within A Year

He also has a basketball fetish.

Apparently our terrorist has been making his way onto 2ch to rant about his motives, plans and decision to commit sucide if he’s not caught within a year. Source can be found here and the translated version of his postings can be found here.

Here’s some highlights:

  • He has a personal grudge against Fujimaki sensei.
  • He will turn in if Fujimaki sensei apologises to him for some incident between the two of them.
  • He has a basketball fetish.
  • He hates how KnB is parodying the Slam Dunk and how it appeals to a fujoshi audience (why do people never mention fudanshi at all. 😡 )
  • Japanese police are inefficient; seriously. He wore suspicious/black clothing (because his alias is GRIM REAPER OF KUROKO, no i’m not joking) when he sent that powdered mail to Sophia University and was even halted by a policewoman who let him go. He used a trackable IP address yet he wasn’t caught yet.
  • He will commit suicide within a year if he’s not caught. I have no idea how serious he is about this but I don’t think many people will be mourning for his loss.
  • If this terrorist is male, there are certain… homosexual tensions in his rant. He stalked his man crushes and hired a PR to take photos of his man crushes in basketball outfits and his anger is directed at Fujimaki sensei for purportedly breaking them up.

Unfortunately, Comiket has caved in to his demands as well and has banned all Kuroko no Basuke merchandise this December. See here

I know what you guys are thinking: he’s a bloody closeted fudanshi. >.< After all, everyone knows that the biggest threats and antagonists of the gay subculture are usually /cough closeted homosexuals themselves. All that repression has to be released somehow and in this case, it’s diverted towards socio-pathological tendencies!

Kuroko no Basuke Perfume

Because your anime characters’ sweat smells like citrus fruits.

Source here.

So NESCRE is hopping onto the bandwagon by selling Kuroko no Basuke perfume. The descriptions of the perfume are as follows:














A fresh scent of green mango with a touch of faint lotus.
It may not blend in very well with your surroundings, but it is a strange but sweet scent that you will remember. 

Fresh orange scent along with a sweet smell of tropical fruits and sunshine.
A soft and pleasing fragrance.

A sweet with a solid but light floral scent.
A fragrance like the sparkling and shining drops of sweat from the blond.

A minty scent with a hint of kiwi and lily.
A fragrance that leads to a beautiful 3-point-shot from the edge of the court forming a perfect arc.

A strong and refreshing citric scent mixed with hints of mint an cool aquatic breeze.
A very deep and manly fragrance.”

They are all on sale from February 2013 onwards. I’m a little dubious about this whole thing (though I think the concept is rather fun if I don’t have to pay exorbitant prices for it.) Effectively it’s just scented water with the faces of your favourite anime characters plastered over the glass bottle. Kuroko, Kagami do not smell like that (hell they don’t even exist) but rather, they are imprinted impressions of what a Japanese perfume professional presume that these imaginary characters essence would be within a perfume fragrance. To put it bluntly; NESCRE is manipulating the fanbase or taking opportunity of the insane popularity that KnB is enjoying and hence, is trying to market a couple of industrially produced scented liquids as a fantasy of what each character would smell like. Hence if one buys this perfume because one thinks that it emulates Kuroko’s scent, one is already  buying into this media fantasy that is pre-determined and milked by mega corporations. I’m not entirely against it; anything that makes money for JUMP in the name of KnB is good news because it increases the possibility of a second season. (Yes I’m pragmatic like that. >.<) Personally, I’m more interested in buying doujinshis because they perpetuate the storyline even if it’s not official or drama CDs and specials because it directly supports the animators and anime company rather than a huge profit going to some retail company that’s merely jumping on the bandwagon in the name of profits.

Another Cancellation of Kuroko no Basuke Event: What Would Foucault Say?


“The official website for this year’s Jump Festa announced on Thursday that the Kuroko’s Basketball Super Stage event has been cancelled. In addition, other Kuroko’s Basketball events, exhibits, and the sale of tie-in goods at the December 22-23 festival have been cancelled.The publisher Shueisha apologized to its readers and fans.

Shueisha‘s Jump Festa staff said that Makuhari Messe, the convention complex in Chiba that is hosting Jump Festa, had received a threat or threats demanding the cancellation of stage events, exhibits, and sales tied to Kuroko’s Basketball. The staff discussed the issue and decided on the cancellations, with the safety of visitors as the top priority. The rest of the festival is scheduled to continue, but security will be increased with more guards.

Since last month, more than 20 locations linked to Kuroko’s Basketball creator Tadatoshi Fujimakiincluding the Comic Market dōjinshi event, have received threat letters with powdered and liquid substances. A source in the investigation of Kuroko’s Basketball threat letters said there is a high possibility that the liquid sent to Sophia University on October 12 could emit a lethal dose of hydrogen sulfide if vaporized.

Two Kuroko’s Basketball dōjinshi events, “Shadow Trickster Osaka,” and “Miracle Quarter” in Sapporo, were canceled this month. The Tokyo Big Sight event complex received a threat last month, but the “Shadow Trickster 3” event proceeded without incident on October 20. The official “Kuroko no Basuke produced by Namco Namja Town” event in Tokyo did end 19 days early as a result of the threats, and Animate Café Tennoji in Osaka cancelled a planned Kuroko’s Basketball collaboration event.”

Source here.

They better catch this nutter soon. I hope this does not impact the release for a second season of Kuroko no Basuke. Personally I believe that giving in to terrorism never works though I understand that safety considerations is always a factor when such events are held. It’s a huge pity.

The only up side I can think of is that this negative publicity has counter-produced a revival of interest in Kuroko no Basuke. Echoing what Foucault had said in History of Sexuality Volume 1, every time there is some form of repressive discourse that intends to stem out, eradicate or delegate a specific subject to a lower order, it creates the platform for a reverse-discourse to be articulated. I wonder whether did our terrorist know that he is in fact, part of the very mechanisms that pushed Kuroko no Basuke into the top ranked manga anthologised in JUMP, banded tons of Kuroko no Basuke fans together to form communities where they are forming support projects such as this or alternatively  wiping out the Kuroko no Basuke merchandise in troves in order to show support for the mangaka and the company in this time of need. Let’s hope it’ll be enough.