K Movie

There’s no official announcements yet but insider info within Japan informed me that it’s going to be a movie released in 2014. No plans for a second season as of yet… which means it’s going to end off like Tiger and Bunny (the movie version which is going to be released this year. :P)


Some Clarifications on K Season 2

No news on a second season of this yet.

Firstly, あけおめ。今年もよろしく。 (Happy new year, please be kind to me this year too. ^_^)

I’ve seen reports flying around that Season 2 of K begins on Oct 4th 2013. This is a rumor. It’s not confirmed that a 2nd season has been ordered (it may be an OVA spanning one episode) and there’s definitely no news that it begins on Oct 4th this year. According to official sources, NOTHING is being announced yet and according to usual anime standards, they won’t make such a quick announcement on what the sequel would be after they make such a cryptic statement at the end of the last episode anyways. (Tiger and Bunny made a similar annoucement and only announced that a movie prequel and sequel are in the works several months later.)

So calm your tits and carry on. Loads of rumors tend to be floating around this time and you know that fudanshi haven has the most updated and reliable news on yaoi on the Internet so if you’re really interested, follow this blog on tumblr or on wordpress. ❤

K Sequel: K OVA/Second Season is in the Works

New K OVA/Season announced at the end of the last episode of K. At least there’s some promise of continuation, unlike some other anime (::cough::KuroBasu) which intend on making fudanshi and fujoshi agonise for several months in digging out further news of a second season. >.< More updates later. It’s still unclear whether it’s an OVA or a 2nd season. Stay tuned.

Fushimi X Yata Dakimakura


As promised, here’s the full details on this lovely Yata X Fushimi dakimakura:

Venue: Tokyo Comiket 83, Booth 332

Date: 29/12/2012 to 31/12/2012

Price: 10000 yen including taxes.


This is probably exclusive to Comiket alone so you need to decide fast and quick if you want this. If you don’t stay in Japan, you’ll need to hire a courier service and I can recommend some of such services (not affliated to fudanshihaven) if you need.

K Episode 8: Another King Appears

So a collective sigh of relief was exhaled as fujoshis delight in the realisation that Shiro could be innocent after all. 

The fact that he blushes everytime Kuroh speaks may have something to do with it as well. ❤

Somehow, the First (Silver) King is involved and a warrant has been released for his arrest by The Blue King, Reishi. In a way, the plot is becoming rather predictable and sets the Silver King up in a manner that he HAS to be connected to the murder in some sense or the other. Evil Laugh? Check. Maniacal Disposition? Check? Abusive Handling of Human-Like Figures? Misogyny? Affinity towards Destruction and Loud Sounds? Check, check, check. We still have around 5 more episodes left or so but I’m not keeping my fingers checked to see any major character development left for him or anyone really.

… Sure.

And I think this is the major problem of K. There are only 13 episodes so far and it’s not like it’s Kaichou wa Maid-Sama or something which even though it has a huge cast, the main focus of the anime is always directed on the 2 protagonists such that there is some form of affection for the characters before they even hit the 13 episode mark.

Yeah, them.

It’s a huge pity because there is so much potential that K possess but the characterisation of most characters remain static and undeveloped. The Blue King and his female sycophant is organised, bureaucratic to a fault, mechanical and almost soulless to a fault. Misaki and Mikoto are brash, rash, stubborn, irrational, emotional and passionate which usually culminates in a shounenesque battle scene. I love how Shiro and Kuroh has evolved in terms of the vulnerability displayed and how their relationship has evolved from one of antagonism to a form of grudging, unexpressed affection but that is because they have more screentime than the other characters for such character development to happen.Note that the Purple and Gold King have not even been introduced yet and we have 5 more episodes till the end of this anime series.Good luck with that.

K Trading Drama CD Collection

The good folks at september scanlations have managed to get their hands on the K Project Trading CDs which at this particular time, is currently exclusive and sold only at the Animate Girls Festival 2012 (practically one of the biggest fujoshi gatherings in the world at one time). They have translated the (read: official) CDs which you may obtain here and here and here. After listening to it; well it kinda put a different perspective to the K Project. It of course, features the 3 main pairings of Kuroh X Yashiro, Reishi X Mikoto and Fushimi X Yata. (The cat is omitted entirely out of this drama CD.) Each recording consist of an interview (of both characters) and a scene of both of them having private time with each other.

One of the major failings that I had for K is that it has a huge character cast similar to Durarara!! but it doesn’t really have 24 episodes to flesh out each character in full detail. Constrained with time limits, I find many of the characters two-dimensional without having much depth until it progressed much later in the series but even then, the characterisation is still isn’t as complete and wholesome as I wanted it to be. The drama CDs addresses this concern by spending around 20 minutes devoted to each pairing and there was quite a bit of sensitivity and vulnerability shown by some of the characters which I was pleasantly pleased to listen to. If there is one Drama CD you have to listen to, pick the one between Fushimi and Yata; the private moment between the two of them as they confronted their past was deeply moving. Not going to spoil for you so I’m going to leave off with the statement that there’s probably more 3-dimensionality in their characters compared to the 7 episodes of K that has been aired so far.

And of course, where else can you incorporate really gratuitous yaoi fanservice of the Red King and Blue King naked together in a sauna room and get away with it except through a drama CD? And may I add, this is canon. XD

November 2012

So I just started this blog and it’s probably going to be awhile for me to build up my content and for it to even appear in google search I guess. So if this blog may seem rather dead… it’s not going to stay that way so do come back once in a while for new updates!

But just to give you a taste on what’s happening for the rest of November, these are the animes that I will be following and blogging about this season:

K: So I understand that all of yaoi-dom is mostly crying over this right now; however to be honest; I’m not as impressed with this anime as I should be. The plot direction seems rather haphazard and I’m rather turned off with the overt objectification of women in this anime (normalised in many shounen anime but that doesn’t make it tasteful). Though the plot is starting to pick up, the character developments are really starting to become intriguing and yaoiness is starting to kick in; I’m not holding my breath.

Erotic gaze + bitchslap = ヽ(;▽;)ノ


I love this anime series probably because it appeals towards my sociological instincts and its portrayal of class-struggles and capitalist oppressions are practically begging to be analysed. Given that Magi is drawn by a female mangaka; she doesn’t really stand for all the bullshit/ 2 dimensional demeaning portrayals of females that is rather recurring in many other animes. Alibaba is really charming as the protagonist and there’s this natural and easy synergy that exist between the booby-loving magical kid, the spineless ex-prince who suddenly have a burst of character growth at the end of episode one, and the pink-haired beast-girl who kicks really really well.

And this of course, doesn’t hurt.

Shinsekai Yori: Haven’t watch it but this:

Gives this an instantaneous tick on the “must-watch” anime list.

The sensual butt-smacking/feeling doesn’t hurt either.

Looks to be a great season so far really.

Anyways, have a great November!

K Cushion

K クッション

“What could Fushimi be thinking at this moment, after taking off his uniform?”

For all you K fans out there, there’s a limited edition K Cushion that’s currently sold at this site.

The art is drawn specifically for the sale of this cushion and it’s official art so this pretty much settles it then. FUSHIMI X YATA IS NOW CANON (not that it’s not obvious from episode 3 but~) XD

Personally, not a big fan of this pairing (though the seiyuus are dreamy as hell and as talented as can be). Give me Kuroh and Isana anytime. XD