About This Blog

I basically created this blog in order to address four concerns:

1. There seems to be an overwhelming number of really good quality anime blogs out there in the Net, however many of them seems to be catered to a specific male audience in mind. I hope to reach out to a different community that values good analysis and critique of BL/shoujo anime/vn/manga among other things.

2. I also intend to write about anime/manga which may be flying under the radar but was excellently crafted and well-executed (animes such as Baccano!, Shiki, Kuragehime, Monster comes to mind, or practically anything by NoitaminA.)

3. I hope to analyse and review anime episodes in a manner that is more than just a regurgitation of subject matter and a narcissistic rant on my feels. I hope to provoke an in-depth discussion on the various thematic concerns presented in the anime ranging from sociological critiques of the society towards humanistic discussions on what it means to be human. Of course, you’ll also get your regular updates on anime merchandise and news; if it’s big, it’ll be covered here.

4. As a fudanshi, I hope to create a safe discursive space where male (and female of course) BL lovers can hang out and discuss about life, anime, longings without being judged in any manner.

I value each and every comment though I will not tolerate any rape apologia, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, deliberate rudeness, or just any form of Bad Behaviour in general. I hope you enjoy your stay and you find whatever written here in this blog useful! ^.^


6 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Congratulations on your blog; it presents an under-represented voice. I landed here during one of my periodic theory sweeps and look forward to the future sociology post. As it is the point of departure for my efforts, what would be your opinion on the fudashi -ish character Hato in Genshiken?

    • Heh. Thanks for your reply. I have not started on that yet because I usually wait for the season to finish before I start watching. Though given its popularity, I may want to take a quick look to see what it’s all about!

      • The anime is just retelling the manga storyline from ch 56 on – sticking very close in fact. plenty of scanlations avail across multiple languages, as the boys otaku pit turns into a fujoshi hangout.

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