I apologise for the lack of updates

So here’s some gratitutious smut in awaiting Season 2 of Kuroko’s Basketball. πŸ˜›

But I’m really overwhelmed with university projects and exams which all end by the first week of May or so. To make up for it, I promise that I’ll give a review on the hottest two anime of the year: Magi and Psycho-Pass. (I heard there’s loads of mind-fuck in Psycho-Pass but hey, it’s Urobuchi who directed Madoka and Fate Zero, what do you expect? XD) I’m thinking that if I have the time, I may go into some introductions of seiyuus, the seiyuu work culture, the anime industry as well as the politics behind what gets screen-lit and what not.

Also, I’m thinking of analysing the sociological implications and the power relations between ruler and subordinate, king and citizen in Magi as well. I’m not doing as much hard commentary as I had liked (and also, I’m not sure if that’s what you guys want) so do tell me what kind of commentary or reviews or posts that you are interested in and if it’s in the interest of this blog to do so, I’ll gladly comply. πŸ™‚

Stay awesome,

Fudanshi Harem, I mean Haven. πŸ˜›


3 thoughts on “I apologise for the lack of updates

  1. Aww… school a bitch, inorite? Hmm… IMO, there wasn’t really much mindfuck in Psycho-Pass. Though, there were moral issues discussed, I didn’t think it was all that heavy. But yeah, looking forward to your analysis of power relations between ruler and subordinate.

    You stay awesome too.


    One of your hare- I mean, subscriber. o_O

    • ❀ Thanks for your understanding! I hadn't watch Psycho Pass yet so I cant make any comments but is it good so far?

      • For me, I felt that the ending was bit rushed, but it’s a good series overall. Yaoi undertones are very rare, but the characters and the plot of series more than makes up for it.

        Also, I call dibs for Koga x Shino. Hahaha.

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