The Swimming Anime

A teaser made by Kyoto Animation has been made about 4 swimmers which from a BL scale of 1 to Kuroko no Basugay, is probably closer to the latter. The title is not “Ore to Omae No Sa O Oshiete Yaru Yo (I’ll teach you the difference between you and I)”; it’s just a tagline.

I’m really anticipating the anime if it’s going to be released. It looks really well animated; I just hope it doesn’t have a sucky plotline like K.




24 thoughts on “The Swimming Anime

  1. uahhhh!!! I’m looking forward to this one!!! I love swimming and it also looks promising from the BL-fangirlboy-perspective too….:’D

  2. My sister and I just finished Kuroko no Basuke (Basugay, lololol, even though K had much more visceral fanservice than KnB) and then I saw this CM on somebody’s blog and was like… Hell’s yea! I’m not sure how it will work, what with KnB (and other shounen sports anime) being able to talk to teammates and inside their heads on strategies and such… Not so much you can do with swimming…

    But you insulted K. Go sit in a corner.

    • I think I mentioned K briefly in my blog somewhere. I’m sorry but it seems to me as though they were too ambitious, too much characters, too little development. Furthermore, the storyline’s patchy and inconsistent.

      • I’ve never seen K-ON… Not enough rough spirit, if you know what I mean… XD But I heard this was just a commercial for something- not a teaser for an anime. ;__;

        I hear that a lot about K, but I never felt it.

  3. Sadly, it’s not an anime series. In fairness, it was well made. I replayed it like four times. Hahaha.

    K Project did suck a bit. Not sure if I’ll watch the announced second season. It would’ve been more interesting for me if there was more KuroXYashiro moments.

    • Nope it’s just a commercial. (For what I dunno)

      I thought K project more than just “a bit” lol. I thought that it’s not just about the KuroXYashiro moments; the whole plot feels disjointed and badly planned

      • I can agree that everything seemed to be squeezed in a limited number of episodes. But I have to admit, I didn’t see the twist of the plot. Btw any news if there’d be a second season for Kuroko?

      • Oh come on, where you able to immediately predict that Yashiro is actually the guy in the airship?

        And YAY! So looking forward to more. Hopefully, with more fan-service.

      • I think you misunderstood me. Ten minutes before they revealed it I was like, hey, maybe Yashiro is not the Colorless King. My mind was simply going through motions. I would like to know how did anyone come to the conclusion that he was the freakin’ Silver King anytime before then, though.

      • Well, I wouldn’t call it a Deus Ex Machina… Since the Silver King’s ability is immortality, right?

        I saw a post complaining about the Swimming Anime… It was a pretty long post, but what rung out most was the person’s claim that KyoAni wasn’t meant to do such a thing (since it did mostly moe) and that there were better studios that pandered to fujoshi/fudanshi.

        And I’m like, um, no. I haven’t really seen anything like the CM before. Ever.

      • Well… But a King can kill another King? So I thought regardless if the Silver King’s ability is Inviolability, he’s dead.

        I don’t care who. SOMEONE, MAKE IT A SERIES. /senselesscapslockrage

      • I think the King killing King thing was for the all the Kings except the Silver one.

        Woah, be careful what you wish for! Someone makes the damn series and take all the fanservice out. Damn it, I want one series, ONE, where I get my equivalent of a pantyshot every so often from the guys. Sorry, peeps, getting up close and personal ain’t cuttin’ it.

      • Hmm… If the Yashiro survives, does that mean the colorless King also survives?

        Lol, in all seriousness, if this CM becomes an anime, I think it’d be more like a short parody-comedy sort of series. Though I’m not dismissing the possibility, I find it hard to imagine they can expand the sports theme the same way as Prince of Tennis or Kuroko.

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