Accelerator Dakimakura

Wow. Really?

So erm… I’m not sure how many of you guys watched Toaru Majitsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index) which IMO, there’s a little too much objectification of women and nudity and pantsu shots but apparently, there’s a release of an Accelerator Dakimakura. Which strikes me as odd because Toaru’s fanbase has been predominantly male… well… I suppose Accelerator’s brash, violent nature appeals to a certain group of individuals I guess. To each his/her own.

Preorders can be made here by 2013/03/07 and hey; it ships beyond Japan! It’s around 9000yen which is slightly cheaper than the average dakimakura.  So if you wanna get your hands on it now, it’s a great time to do so.

For those who are not sure about who Accelerator is… well here you go:


12 thoughts on “Accelerator Dakimakura

  1. Accelerator Dakimakura?! That’s just hilarious…and kind of scary.
    Though, I wouldn’t really mind having them. 😀

      • I’ve heard a whole argument about how it was better, but it was between guys into moe and drama, moe and comedy… Anything action-oriented that they managed to watch always tended to get my attention. Except for Jojo…

    • railgun has moe, drama and comedy therefore it beats index. 😛 How’s jojo? A friend tried to recommend it to me and I’m mehish about it.

      • Moe and drama…. bleeeeeeh…..

        Jojo was just so freakin’ crazy and overdramatic. I guess it was supposed to be funny and stuff, but I couldn’t get into it. Plus, I hate how it looks, haha

  2. I went through your WordPress and found something about a KnB fandisc? My sister and I recently finished the series and liked it so much we can’t start (or finish) any other anime. XD If you still have a download link, I would appreciate it!

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