Have Yourself Some Kuroko Chocolate!

商品紹介 下記6種の味が全種楽しめる「全部入り」セットです♪ ・黒子(ミルクアーモンド味) ・火神(ストロベリーマカダミア味) ・黄瀬(バナナマカダミア味) ・緑間(メロンマカダミア味) ・青峰(ブルーベリーマカダミア味) ・紫原、赤司(ラズベリーマカダミア味)

More commodities wrapped in Kuroko no Basuke wrappers that makes you believe that these ordinary chocolates are somehow connected or related to your favourite Kuroko no Basuke characters! Come on, I love KnB and all the rest of it, but the overt commercialisation is getting a little too much. Isn’t the perfume enough already?

For more information:

Kuroko: Milk Almond

Kagami: Strawberry Macadamia

Kise: Banana Macadamia

Midorima: Melon Macadamia

Aomine: Blueberry Macadamia

Murasakibara and Akashi: Raspberry Macadamia

I have no idea why Kuroko’s almonds… Anyways, 6 bars cost around 1260yen which is around 15 plus dollars or so. You may order it from this particular site.


One thought on “Have Yourself Some Kuroko Chocolate!

  1. …. if they don’t give me the ultimate power boost to keep up at least two matches in a row, I’ll better save the money..and ‘pass’ on the chocs (-And why do Akashi and Murasakibara have to share one flavor-combo? Couldn’t they at least found ONE more crazy-exotic flavor?!) HAHA

    But thanks for the funny update!!! XD

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