Some Updates

Hi guys,

This blog has been a little quiet lately because this season is unfortunately, more or less relatively BL free (someone please prove me wrong! XD) and the Kuroko no Basuke fandom and news are relatively more or less cooling down right now. Of course, any news on the Kuroko no Basuke OVA will be distributed here first so do stay updated.

On labelling posts as NSFW:

I’ve read through each and every single comment and I understand the reasons for labelling certain posts as NSFW. However, I have decided not to do so for the very obvious reason: BL is NSFW to begin with in the first place. Let’s face it guys, even if I were to upload a relatively mild photo of Kuroko and Kagami kissing, it’s still pretty objectionable to be caught with that material in the workplace. Heck, even I would raise eyebrows if I saw my employees surfing a site with this:[gg]_Magi_-_07_[194B3667].mkv_snapshot_03.14_[2012.11.19_05.06.49]

And we’re just talking about Magi which is around “lukewarm” on the BL thermometer. So no, no labeling of NSFW because BL is already a category in general that is not safe for work and if you choose to explore a blog that states explicitly so during work, that’s your decision. I know that some of you have blogs or sites dedicated to BL as well and you have NSFW labels just like many other blogs. However, there are also many BL blogs which choose not to do so and I’m one of them. I have explained my reasoning and I hope that you can at least respect that and how I manage my blog.

On setting up a mini BL store of sorts:

I’ve received some great feedback through email and comments so I really do appreciate that! It’s still an idea that I’m mulling about and something that I’m definitely interested in pursuing. Do give me a while to formulate the request forms and all the administration to go with it.

On Magi:

I’ve decided to stop watching Magi as of now because personally, I feel that the enjoyment level of Magi depreciates when you watch each episode per week. (Unlike say, K or Kuroko no Basuke). I had a great blast watching Magi episodes within one sitting and I think that I will blog about Magi once the season ends. I’ll tell you what I’m crazy about:

Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun is the most enjoyable shoujo anime that I have watched since Kaichou wa Maid Sama. It was well-crafted, the gender power relations are about as egalitarian as it can get and the comedy is spot on. I die of laughter every single time I watch an episode and I WILL blog on this at a later date so keep your eyes out! Anything is better than that ridiculous Sukitte ii na yo. XD


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