Kono Danshi, Ningyo Hiroimashita (This Boy Picked Up A Merman) Links and Commentary

This is a lovely one-shot OVA original love story between a merman (Izaki) and a high school student (Shima). The animation is one of its kind, the storyline touching and well-developed and the whole episode is extremely artistic, well-executed and beautiful to say the least. Note that I don’t usually describe anime as “beautiful” and I usually reserve that for artworks or paintings but this episode is so delicately drawn that the choice of adjective is justified.

This is the second episode in the Kono Dashi series directed by the indie director Yamamoto Soubi. The first episode is called Kono Danshi, Uchuujin to Tatakaemasu (This Boy Can Fight With Aliens) though while well-executed, does not have as much shounen-ai interactions as the second episode.

I’m not going to provide any spoilers but I want to draw attention to a particular trope that is used within the storyline which is mermaid/merman trope. There is a specific reference in the episode to Hans Christian Andersen and it’s not a coincidence because Andersen’s The Little Mermaid represents a specific love that most people don’t recognise have traces of homosexuality. 

The Little Mermaid was originally written as a love letter by Hans Christian Andersen to Edvard Collin. Andersen, upon hearing of Collin’s engagement to a young woman, proclaimed his love to him. He told him ”I long for you as though you were a beautiful Calabrian girl.” Edvard Collin turned Andersen down, disgusted. Andersen then wrote The Little Mermaid to symbolize his inability to have Collin just as a mermaid cannot be with a human. He sent it to Collin in 1936 and it goes down in history as one of the most profound love letters ever written. Hence, The Little Mermaidas it was originally written, did not have a happy ending. The prince fell in love with another lady and the Little Mermaid jumped into the sea and transformed into sea foam. Hence the use of mermaids is always used to connote the tragedy of the incompatibility of love, or love that can never be realised such as in Puella Magi Madoka Magica and in Kono Danshi, Ningyo Hiroimashita perhaps? 😛

Because this OVA is obscure and needs more people to watch and know about this, I’m going to direct you straight to the streaming link over here.


8 thoughts on “Kono Danshi, Ningyo Hiroimashita (This Boy Picked Up A Merman) Links and Commentary

  1. Really, I saw this OVA and thought it was amazing. The story is powerful, love can surpass everything even when it seams impossible; the characters were complex and yet so easy to understand and sympathize with; the design and colors chosen were amazing, the opposition of colors for each character was catching (the colorful happy Isaki and the shadowy Shima).

    You were right, this OVA should be know: Thanks for telling us about it. 🙂

    • ikr, the design and colors are so beautiful and almost anti-run of the mill anime it’s amazing. it’s indie though, so i dont think people will know much about it. 😦

  2. *runs around in circles*

    I’ve seen the first OVA in this series and cried a little, hehe. Thanks for showing where to find it! This is exactly something that would be shown for shoujo audiences that I would usually pass up, but it would be a different story then. Most of the time, anime can’t help but make a cookie-cut female in stories like these *shrug*

    And I had to read that exact link for a class on mythology! Awesome!

    • and another thing about a merman relationship: it’s a chaste relationship cause no sex is possible… (unless u count in oral sex :P)

      So it really solidifies the love as pure thematic concern that the anime tries to portray. 😀

  3. thanks for posting this! It’s really an exceptional piece of art (and plot ^_^) Finally, the story or Little Mermaid gets its happy end! *swoon*

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