Kuroshitsuji Live Action Movie Announced

Some news about this movie:

1.  Anime director Sato Keiichi who directed Tiger and Bunny, will co-direct the movie with Otani Kentaro, who’s also a well known director, especially of the live-movie adaptation of Nana.

2. The story has a new original storyline which takes place 130 years after the timeline within the manga.

3. Your black butler will be played by the iconic ikemen Mizushima Hiro:

He used to be a successful actor, then he became an award-winning fiction author and resigned from his company to focus on his writing. This role in Kuroshitsuji breaks a 3 year acting hiatus for him. Here’s a video of him speaking in surprisingly good English:

Source here.

Looks like a good anime adaptation. Kuroshitsuji isn’t something that requires terribly nuanced acting so I don’t see how bad this can go. I’m more concerned on the original storyline and whether it’ll be as intriguing as some other anime movies on the market: Tiger and Bunny 2nd Movie for instance.


2 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji Live Action Movie Announced

  1. Oh ho, he was in Switzerland for 6 years? Not bad not bad. Though some people were saying to maybe at least have another season that follows the manga but oh well. Let’s see how this live goes! (So to say, and there’s also xxxHOLiC live-action as well… Man…)

  2. I jiust have one word for this “Kuroshitsuji” live action: “FUCK OFF”.

    The splot has revealed : NO MORE CIEL, NO MORE VICTORIAN TIME, NO MORE MANY THINGS. Kuroshitsuji without Ciel? Please!!!!! I read Kuroshitsuji manga and anime not just because I love the mysterious aura of Victorian time but mainly because I love Ciel. No more Bocchan is the death of Kuroshitsuji. What I am supposed to see in this fucking Live action. Besides, they replaced my beloved Ciel with A GIRL, who is named “Shiori” and always disguised herself as a boy due to some fucking reason!!!!

    How glad I was when I found out the “Kuroshitsuji live action released” news!!!!! And now I get this rubbish!!!! They do anything just to make a man – and – woman love story!!!! It makes me sick!! Damm it! Why don’t they just rename the title of the live action, replace it with “XXX”, or “HJJLJ” or anything, I don’t care!!!! Please just don’t use the name “Kuroshitsuji” when they distort the original story horribly like that!!!!! And you guys know what, they also dare the fan – who love the original Kursoshitsuji – that “way and see, we will make your eyes open wide!”

    I will never see this insulting live action – never!!!!! To me, Kuroshitsuji has never had a live action! Never!

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