Some Clarifications on K Season 2

No news on a second season of this yet.

Firstly, あけおめ。今年もよろしく。 (Happy new year, please be kind to me this year too. ^_^)

I’ve seen reports flying around that Season 2 of K begins on Oct 4th 2013. This is a rumor. It’s not confirmed that a 2nd season has been ordered (it may be an OVA spanning one episode) and there’s definitely no news that it begins on Oct 4th this year. According to official sources, NOTHING is being announced yet and according to usual anime standards, they won’t make such a quick announcement on what the sequel would be after they make such a cryptic statement at the end of the last episode anyways. (Tiger and Bunny made a similar annoucement and only announced that a movie prequel and sequel are in the works several months later.)

So calm your tits and carry on. Loads of rumors tend to be floating around this time and you know that fudanshi haven has the most updated and reliable news on yaoi on the Internet so if you’re really interested, follow this blog on tumblr or on wordpress. ❤


11 thoughts on “Some Clarifications on K Season 2

  1. Happy New Year. 😛 How was new year in SG? The countdown and all that? 😀

    People around me are all speculating about this getting a second season, or at least a sequel. I wonder. In any case, I have to watch this first… >>;;


    • boring. taufik wasn’t very impressive. あけおも。

      yeah a sequel is confirmed We just dont know what type of sequel it’s gonna be. It’s not a good anime imo. Plot is loose, characterisation is weak and portrayal of women is less than desirable. >.<

      Lol, I'm stalking 2chan and theres nothing there yet! 😦 I'll update over here with the latest news once I found something! XD

      • LOL when were SG singers impressive anyway? ;D

        Haha so it’s really true! O: I’ll still watch it for the boiz and other random stuff anyway! Different people have different preferences. ;D

        YES. /continues to stalk your blog for updates

  2. Oh my God…I really hope there will be a season 2 because the first season felt sort of like a cliffhanger…and I really want more ‘K’!!!
    Thank you for the news, fudanshi~!! ♥

    • I’m sure that even if its an OVA, they will give k a proper send off. *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

  3. The date may not be October 4th or something, but it seems pretty sure that a second season will be coming out… 🙂

    though that may represents the first season, this confirmation came out after the end of K first season…

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