Junjou Romantica OVA and Kuroko No Basuke Fandisk: Owaranai Natsu

Junjou Romantica OVA: As you guys know, there was a bonus OVA release in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of Junjou Romantica (God, Nakamura’s been writing Junjou for 10 years, 本当に信じられない。) There wasn’t really much advancement in the plot category, but there were so much of the nostalgic, heartwarming moments that truly characterised the Junjou Romantica series. Junjou was the gateway for me into the world of anime and to watch this episode and to experience all the familiar heart pangs makes that 20 minutes particularly memorable and nostalgic. Junjou will always have a special place in my heart. ❤

KuroBasu Fandisk: It’s merely a recap of the Kuroko no Basuke series with a lot of candid interaction between Kuroko, Aomine, Kise, Kagami, the Seirin team and the pink haired person. Loads of laughable moments and its everything you want in a fandisk though it’s kept pretty tame if you’re looking for yaoi moments.

Let me know if you’re unable to find a copy of the OVAs and I’ll direct you appropriately. EDIT: In light of overwhelming requests, I’ll only address requests for followers who either follow me in tumblr or in wordpress.


121 thoughts on “Junjou Romantica OVA and Kuroko No Basuke Fandisk: Owaranai Natsu

  1. “and the pink haired person”

    I lol’d

    but what? really? 10 years of JR already??? woow~ I love this blog, it always teaches me something new about the life :DD

  2. did you already find the OVA of kurobas =x= it’s very difficult to find
    i already find on weibo the preview of TIP OFF PV , Tip off aomine version preview , and kurobasu fandisk

    if you already have the link or anything of owaranai natsu ova..plese let me know ;;x;;

    thankss ❤

    • Yep. Do you want the download or streaming links. I have them both with english subs. XD

      P.S If your nick a reference to hiiragi, the duo who sang “Ima Toki”? :O Because I swear noone I know has heard of them.

  3. Hello, =D I’m a huge KnB fan. Could you help me find the links so I could download this dvd disc? I can´t find them anywhere…. Please. 🙂

      • Thank you very much. I already download it and saw it. 🙂
        May I ask a question? The KnB dvd disc just has the OVA, or has other content? If has, do you know where I can find it to download?
        Thanks. I really liked your site. 😀 Keep the good work.

  4. uhmm.. HELLO! ^^ I’d love to watch the Kuroko no Basket OVA as well… Could you please please send me a download-link too ?? (*^_^*)

  5. gomenasai (> <#)… I actually already asked you the link a while before and got your email. but I didn't check it rite away and now when I tried the link, it's already 'invalid or deleted' T^T.
    I'm so sorry for the trouble, but can you send me another link? for kuroko no basket fan disc.
    onegai shimasu!! m(_ _)m

    and my email address is aqua11alta@yahoo.com

  6. eeto… i’m really sorry to ask this, is it prohibited to ask the link twice? Last time I asked you the link for KnB OVA, and I’m grateful that you’ve sent it, but the link was dead and I asked you again, but no response ^^; I don’t mean harm, I’m just confused. Cuz I also have told you that I’ve followed you already via tumblr.
    I’ll really appreciate it if u send the link for KnB OVA to my email: aqua11alta@yahoo.com
    Or if there’s a reason you don’t want to send it, can you at least tell me why? I might be able to fix it.


  7. Followed by email O: Oh and where is your tumblr? i wanna follow there too~
    KnB video please? (´・ω・`)/~~ I wonder why I can’t find it anywhere?

  8. Hi hi~!! 😀 i’ve followed u through tumblr. i’ve searched for KnB fandisk Owaranai Natsu evrywhere aaaand jajang~ finally i found someone who knows it ^^ could u pls share the link to me? >w<

  9. Hi hi~!! 😀 i’ve followed u through tumblr. i’ve searched for KnB fandisk Owaranai Natsu evrywhere aaaand jajang~ finally i found someone who knows it ^^ could u pls share the download link to me? >w<

  10. hi there ^^ I’ve followed your wordpress via email, and if you don’t mind may I have the link to download KuroBas fandisk? I’ve been searching for a copy and link also but no luck.. until I found your blog here (which, I kinda regret for only finding it now.. I’ve read some of your posts and I like how you analyzed a series and/or episodes. oh, I’m a fujoshi btw.. X9)
    in case my email address doesn’t appear, my email is lilacberry03@gmail.com
    thank you.. ^^

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