Season 2 of Kuroko no Basuke confirmed!

So says JUMP Next! Winter magazine 2012. It’s pretty much confirmed and official; all the Japanese blogs and websites are going crazy over this. So fuck yeah, hello Akashi and Murasakibara!



4 thoughts on “Season 2 of Kuroko no Basuke confirmed!

  1. not sure if they’ll make second season long enough to include Akashi tho…
    but Himuro and Murasakibara and Alex and some other awesome characters animated is ❤

    I just hope noone will die because of this announcement … DX

    • I didnt read the manga because I dont want any spoilers but may I know how many episodes into the second season for Akashi to appear? XD

      • well…first season ended with volume 8… akashi appears once somewhere earlier but only for a moment and first game with him starts in the middle of volume 20… and it’s not even game between him and Seirin so…they might as well make another two cour show and end it with Akashi’s game the way it was done with Aomine vs Kise game in first season…but then again, they might not make it so far…unless they rush anime 😦

  2. Ah, well I expected this (i.e. would’ve bet on it happening if I had had to), just that the news has arrived a little earlier than expected.

    I’m currently much more interested to know the end to the saga with fujimaki’s crazy lover boy.

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