December 2012

Some plans for this month:

1. Complete Magi, K, Shinsekai Yori as promised.

2. I’ve added Sword Art Online to my anime watchlist as well however, given its penchant for fanservice, melon boobs, tentacle carass and incest, I’m not going to spend too much effort on a yaoi/quality anime blog. I’ll still cover it because I believe that Sword Art Online has a number of redeeming elements, a lot of clever plotlines which many has praised the original light novel for. Unfortunately, the anime adaptation was directed by an individual who distorts the novel to cater towards the lowest plebeians within the otaku community by creating a harem culture that was never fully elaborated by the original author.

I too, am not amused.

3. Hyouka. Dropped it after the first episode; can’t stand that whiny girl.

4. Zetsuen no Tempest. No idea what it’s about; just that it has yaoi and I need to watch it. It’s made from the same studio that did No.6 so…

5. Psycho-Pass. Script is written by Urobuchi Gen who wrote the script for Madoka and Fate Zero, both of which I’ve rated at least a 9/10 which makes this a must-watch.

6. Spirited Away. Friend’s bugging me to watch this; I’ll cover it on this blog if I think it’s artistic or well-directed.

7. And if I have time: Tsuritama and Natsuyuki Rendezvous.


6 thoughts on “December 2012

  1. 4. Zetsuen no Tempest. No idea what it’s about; just that it has yaoi and I need to watch it. It’s made from the same studio that did No.6 so…

    yes yes yes wait it’s done by No.6 studio?? o_o why am I not too surprised…:3
    but what? yaoi? nope. no yaoi. only BL hints and really slight actually. still BL hints. and still two good looking guys as main characters. but they did have mutual female crash so…dunno..

    -> Psycho-Pass – try hard enough and you can see BL 😛

    -> tsuritama – cute but boring but almost BL

    how can you complete SY this month if it’s 2 seasons long? and isn’t Magi longer than 13 episodes as well?

    • Oh what I mean is I intend to continue reviewing these anime and see that it gets a proper review send-off, even after december. XD

      Oh I can’t stand boring; that’s why I dropped Hyouka. I care for good plot, characterisation and suspense without too much misogynistic fanservice. BL is only an extra!

      • I found hyouka to be rather interesting tho…perhaps because I could only watch one episode of it per week..but I still managed to watch all episodes without dropping or putting it on hold…quite an accomplishment for me tbh. XD

    • Oh I think the premises of hyouka is definitely promising; the fanservice, drapy girl who appears oh so innocent and wholesome seems particularly 2 dimensional to me which I dont particularly enjoy. >.< How do you find it?

      • I guess most people wrote bad things about it but I personally loved characters and story. Houtarou’s character development was good and there wasn’t too much of fanservice … or at least moe didn’t get too annoying (for me – and I’m not really a fan of fanservice/moe myself). I guess some of the mysteries were kind of forced but some stories were really good and overall the series gave me this warm and fluffy feeling 😛
        But if a really captivating plot is what you want from a good anime, I guess Hyouka isn’t for you. Then again, you’ve watched quite a lot of Natsume… ._.

      • I only watch slice of life if its well executed such as Natsume and Usagi Drop. Moe irritates me when done excessively which is why I dropped similar slice of life anime such as K-on and in this case, Hyouka.

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