Kuroko No Basuke Threat: Terrorist Plans to Commit Suicide If Not Caught Within A Year

He also has a basketball fetish.

Apparently our terrorist has been making his way onto 2ch to rant about his motives, plans and decision to commit sucide if he’s not caught within a year. Source can be found here and the translated version of his postings can be found here.

Here’s some highlights:

  • He has a personal grudge against Fujimaki sensei.
  • He will turn in if Fujimaki sensei apologises to him for some incident between the two of them.
  • He has a basketball fetish.
  • He hates how KnB is parodying the Slam Dunk and how it appeals to a fujoshi audience (why do people never mention fudanshi at all. 😡 )
  • Japanese police are inefficient; seriously. He wore suspicious/black clothing (because his alias is GRIM REAPER OF KUROKO, no i’m not joking) when he sent that powdered mail to Sophia University and was even halted by a policewoman who let him go. He used a trackable IP address yet he wasn’t caught yet.
  • He will commit suicide within a year if he’s not caught. I have no idea how serious he is about this but I don’t think many people will be mourning for his loss.
  • If this terrorist is male, there are certain… homosexual tensions in his rant. He stalked his man crushes and hired a PR to take photos of his man crushes in basketball outfits and his anger is directed at Fujimaki sensei for purportedly breaking them up.

Unfortunately, Comiket has caved in to his demands as well and has banned all Kuroko no Basuke merchandise this December. See here

I know what you guys are thinking: he’s a bloody closeted fudanshi. >.< After all, everyone knows that the biggest threats and antagonists of the gay subculture are usually /cough closeted homosexuals themselves. All that repression has to be released somehow and in this case, it’s diverted towards socio-pathological tendencies!


15 thoughts on “Kuroko No Basuke Threat: Terrorist Plans to Commit Suicide If Not Caught Within A Year

  1. I bet this guy is trying to create a real life BL manga.

    And then he’ll be smitten with Fujimaki, and want Fujimaki to make sweet love to him.

    Ohhhhhhh cliche BL manga you torment me so.

    • IKR I mean he fuckin hired a PR to take photos of his urm… man crushes in basketball uniforms omg. And he’s pissed off at fujimaki which in fujoshi language means some hot angry sex. He’s a closet fudanshi damn it.

      • lmao i never noticed the tension up til now but…. lol. it’s so obvious! i think i’ll stick to your interpretation of the guy cuz it’s way too funny. by the way, out of curiosity, who were his man crushes?

      • His ex schoolmates whom he described as ‘handsome’. Apparently all of them knew fujimaki sensei when they were in high school. (*^_^*)

      • same here actually. in a way I really doubt that too many people will be bothered by him committing suicide (because of his threats and all), but i really want to know what happened to this guy to be so persistent. maybe Fujimaki sensei outed him or something.

      • Maybe Fujimaki promised him a date but it never happened. And then *insert usual cliche BL plot explanation* and so it resulted in this “apologize for I’ll murder myself” situation.

  2. Maybe the guy simply wants KnB to become openly gay and… and…maybe he’s upset because Tadatoshi-sensei teases all KnB fujoshis (ah..yes..fudanshis as well) yet still keeps manga completely straight and shounen…or..maybe he’s upset that there haven’t been any AoKuro scenes recently? 😥
    Or perhaps KnB started off as Tadatoshi-sensei’s love confession to basketball loving …terrorist…but then he forgot all about it and decided to just write manga for the fans instead of the guy and now he’s jealous?…:3

  3. lol it must be convenient to insert cliche plot explanations like that! but if that actually turns out to be the case I’ll probably kill myself. random question, but are you also looking forward to a second season for Kuroko?

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