Tadatoshi Fujimaki Speaks.


“In 2013’s first issue of Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine which ships on Monday, Kuroko’s Basketball creator Tadatoshi Fujimaki wrote in his author’s note that he will keep working on the manga without a break “no matter what.” The magazine is announcing that the Kuroko’s Basketball events at next month’s Jump Festa have been cancelled. A string of threat letters with powdered and liquid substances have been sent to locations tied to the manga and its creator since last month, and they have resulted in cancelled events into next year.”

News retrieved here.

I predict two possible repercussions as a result of this statement: said terrorist will step up his efforts in either attempting to kill Fujimaki or create as much chaos as possible. Earlier events had shown that he isn’t all talk and no game after all. This means that JUMP and other companies either have to cancel featuring Kuroko no Basuke in future anime/manga related-events or step up security which means a depreciation of profit and investment for Kuroko no Basuke. Whether this means a second season is going to be considered is questionable. Still, while this act of terrorism may have killed off weaker anime with a smaller fan-base, Kuroko no Basuke has proven to JUMP that it has a huge fan (almost cult) following which if anything, should hopefully raise the chances for a second season if anything. We can only hope.

EDIT on 041212: Removed picture purported to be Fujimaki Tadatoshi. Turns out to be Hyadain, the singer for the first ED for Kuroko no Basuke.


8 thoughts on “Tadatoshi Fujimaki Speaks.

    • Vah, my fault. Sorry for not verifying and thanks for being it to my attention.

      And the irony is I do enjoy Hyadain’s music. >.<

  1. So I was trying to track down a picture of Tadatoshi Fujimaki (who apparently is the best kept secret in the mangaka universe) when I stumbled across this blog of yours. And if I may say, good job. I dunno if I’d characterize myself specifically as a yaoi fan. Occasionally I indulge in shipping fanfics but, really, who doesn’t? The whole concept of forbidden love is just too tempting, especially since most anime bring forth intimate platonic friendships. Not the point.
    What I’m trying to say is that I love the way you write. If you keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

    • Wow thanks for the lovely comment; it really made my day. 🙂

      I think that his face is kept a secret because of the whole terrorism incident and he probably wishes to keep his head low. Though I profess that many mangaka do the same thing: the mangaka of Junjou Romantica, Nakamura also is famous of having snapshots of her teddybear as her avatar as well. 😛

      Is there anything you would like to write about, regarding shounen ai or the yaoi scene of sorts?

      • Ehem. Yes. Well. I will very gladly take you up on that offer. I’d like to know the story behind how you personally/publicly first ‘became’ a fudanshi. How has an understanding of sociology influenced the way you perceive media (if it has), specifically taboo subjects like race, politics, homosexuality, and religion? What do you think shounen ai manga can do to appeal to a more mixed gendered audience? (Other than having a less of the seme/uke dynamic). I also wouldn’t mind knowing a few fundashi/fujoshi statistics (average age, sexual orientation, rough population growth of each etc.) if any of that information actually exists. I only ask because this article http://www.japanpowered.com/anime-articles/a-brief-history-of-yaoi throws a few stats in at its conclusion. Thanks so much for asking, by the way! It feels nice to know that you care.

      • Noted. That will be my first article that I will write after my exams is over. ^_^

    All of them? In one article?
    If you pull this off in less than the length of a novel I’m nominating you for the Pultizer Prize
    Nuff said.
    Goodluck on your exams! I’m sure you’ll do great! It’s all about having a positive minset whilst preparing. And you’re awesome so it’ll work out.

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