Another Cancellation of Kuroko no Basuke Event: What Would Foucault Say?


“The official website for this year’s Jump Festa announced on Thursday that the Kuroko’s Basketball Super Stage event has been cancelled. In addition, other Kuroko’s Basketball events, exhibits, and the sale of tie-in goods at the December 22-23 festival have been cancelled.The publisher Shueisha apologized to its readers and fans.

Shueisha‘s Jump Festa staff said that Makuhari Messe, the convention complex in Chiba that is hosting Jump Festa, had received a threat or threats demanding the cancellation of stage events, exhibits, and sales tied to Kuroko’s Basketball. The staff discussed the issue and decided on the cancellations, with the safety of visitors as the top priority. The rest of the festival is scheduled to continue, but security will be increased with more guards.

Since last month, more than 20 locations linked to Kuroko’s Basketball creator Tadatoshi Fujimakiincluding the Comic Market dōjinshi event, have received threat letters with powdered and liquid substances. A source in the investigation of Kuroko’s Basketball threat letters said there is a high possibility that the liquid sent to Sophia University on October 12 could emit a lethal dose of hydrogen sulfide if vaporized.

Two Kuroko’s Basketball dōjinshi events, “Shadow Trickster Osaka,” and “Miracle Quarter” in Sapporo, were canceled this month. The Tokyo Big Sight event complex received a threat last month, but the “Shadow Trickster 3” event proceeded without incident on October 20. The official “Kuroko no Basuke produced by Namco Namja Town” event in Tokyo did end 19 days early as a result of the threats, and Animate Café Tennoji in Osaka cancelled a planned Kuroko’s Basketball collaboration event.”

Source here.

They better catch this nutter soon. I hope this does not impact the release for a second season of Kuroko no Basuke. Personally I believe that giving in to terrorism never works though I understand that safety considerations is always a factor when such events are held. It’s a huge pity.

The only up side I can think of is that this negative publicity has counter-produced a revival of interest in Kuroko no Basuke. Echoing what Foucault had said in History of Sexuality Volume 1, every time there is some form of repressive discourse that intends to stem out, eradicate or delegate a specific subject to a lower order, it creates the platform for a reverse-discourse to be articulated. I wonder whether did our terrorist know that he is in fact, part of the very mechanisms that pushed Kuroko no Basuke into the top ranked manga anthologised in JUMP, banded tons of Kuroko no Basuke fans together to form communities where they are forming support projects such as this or alternatively  wiping out the Kuroko no Basuke merchandise in troves in order to show support for the mangaka and the company in this time of need. Let’s hope it’ll be enough.


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