K Episode 8: Another King Appears

So a collective sigh of relief was exhaled as fujoshis delight in the realisation that Shiro could be innocent after all. 

The fact that he blushes everytime Kuroh speaks may have something to do with it as well. ❤

Somehow, the First (Silver) King is involved and a warrant has been released for his arrest by The Blue King, Reishi. In a way, the plot is becoming rather predictable and sets the Silver King up in a manner that he HAS to be connected to the murder in some sense or the other. Evil Laugh? Check. Maniacal Disposition? Check? Abusive Handling of Human-Like Figures? Misogyny? Affinity towards Destruction and Loud Sounds? Check, check, check. We still have around 5 more episodes left or so but I’m not keeping my fingers checked to see any major character development left for him or anyone really.

… Sure.

And I think this is the major problem of K. There are only 13 episodes so far and it’s not like it’s Kaichou wa Maid-Sama or something which even though it has a huge cast, the main focus of the anime is always directed on the 2 protagonists such that there is some form of affection for the characters before they even hit the 13 episode mark.

Yeah, them.

It’s a huge pity because there is so much potential that K possess but the characterisation of most characters remain static and undeveloped. The Blue King and his female sycophant is organised, bureaucratic to a fault, mechanical and almost soulless to a fault. Misaki and Mikoto are brash, rash, stubborn, irrational, emotional and passionate which usually culminates in a shounenesque battle scene. I love how Shiro and Kuroh has evolved in terms of the vulnerability displayed and how their relationship has evolved from one of antagonism to a form of grudging, unexpressed affection but that is because they have more screentime than the other characters for such character development to happen.Note that the Purple and Gold King have not even been introduced yet and we have 5 more episodes till the end of this anime series.Good luck with that.


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