No.6 Beyond: The Widely Anticipated Side Story to No.6!

And the fandom rejoices! 会いたかったよ!(which means: I wanted to meet you!)

So the original author of No.6 (No.6 started out as a light novel, before it was adapted into an anime and manga series) has decided to write a supplementary story to tie-up various loose-ends that was not resolved within the plot. Issues such as Nezumi’s real name and information regarding Shion’s father will also be elaborated at length within this novel. If you’re a huge fan of No.6 as I am, you will know that this is a MUST READ since the ending to No.6 was so particularly unsatisfactory and open-ended to say the least!

So this is the amazon description:



Translation (by fencer-x): This time, subsequent to the story that wrapped up in Volume 9, is the release of a wonderous ‘side story’! In response to the many sorrowed voices, the author Asano Atsuko proclaimed, “Then I’ll write a supplementary story!” The author herself, recalling her love for the characters, is blazing with ambition at being able to give further life to Shion and Nezumi, who hold such complexity and unfathomable fascination. Cutting out moments from the lives of Nezumi and Shion that she hadn’t been able to touch on before, she starts to unravel their secrets…

Currently, I know of one fan translator who is tranlating this side story as we speak. More about this when this translation project is completed so do subscribe to this blog to get the latest updates! If you’re interested in purchasing this novel (please do, at the very least to support the author), you may do so at Amazon.JP.


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