K Trading Drama CD Collection

The good folks at september scanlations have managed to get their hands on the K Project Trading CDs which at this particular time, is currently exclusive and sold only at the Animate Girls Festival 2012 (practically one of the biggest fujoshi gatherings in the world at one time). They have translated the (read: official) CDs which you may obtain here and here and here. After listening to it; well it kinda put a different perspective to the K Project. It of course, features the 3 main pairings of Kuroh X Yashiro, Reishi X Mikoto and Fushimi X Yata. (The cat is omitted entirely out of this drama CD.) Each recording consist of an interview (of both characters) and a scene of both of them having private time with each other.

One of the major failings that I had for K is that it has a huge character cast similar to Durarara!! but it doesn’t really have 24 episodes to flesh out each character in full detail. Constrained with time limits, I find many of the characters two-dimensional without having much depth until it progressed much later in the series but even then, the characterisation is still isn’t as complete and wholesome as I wanted it to be. The drama CDs addresses this concern by spending around 20 minutes devoted to each pairing and there was quite a bit of sensitivity and vulnerability shown by some of the characters which I was pleasantly pleased to listen to. If there is one Drama CD you have to listen to, pick the one between Fushimi and Yata; the private moment between the two of them as they confronted their past was deeply moving. Not going to spoil for you so I’m going to leave off with the statement that there’s probably more 3-dimensionality in their characters compared to the 7 episodes of K that has been aired so far.

And of course, where else can you incorporate really gratuitous yaoi fanservice of the Red King and Blue King naked together in a sauna room and get away with it except through a drama CD? And may I add, this is canon. XD


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